Run brilliant hybrid and online events

Rokkit is an all-in-one platform where you can host hybrid and online events and connect your audience around the globe. 

Whatever the format or length of your event, whether your audience is a few hundred or a hundred thousand, Rokkit is tailored to your needs. And if you need to switch up between hybrid, in-person & online events, even at the last minute, we’ve got you covered.



Give your participants the best event experience

Rokkit is packed full of features providing a next-generation event experience.

Attendees navigate around your event much like they do when attending in-person, but with more control than ever. They can plan what to attend, choose between sessions running in different spaces and even watch on demand when they’ve missed something. 

Networking with speakers, sponsors and other participants via video discussion groups or DM is easy. Your sponsors interact via public and private chat modes, offer unlimited downloads, show live and on-demand videos, run polls and even set-up networking events on their booths.



Take your events to another level

Scale to any size

Host multiple tracks & stages
Run your event for an hour, a day, a week, or more…
Unlimited attendee numbers   

End-to-end service

Customisable ticket sales or attendee imports
Integrated Call for Papers tool
Generate and publish Smart Schedules

Clear insights

Full analytics reporting
Attendee reports & data downloads
User journey tracking 

Plan, Manage & Run Your Events with One Platform

  • Call for Papers
  • Speaker Management
  • Ticket Sales
  • Scheduling
  • Live & On Demand Broadcast



Just some of the ways you can use Rokkit


Run your conference in hybrid or online and connect attendees around the globe


Host online training courses complete with collaborative user tools 


Expand your community, host talks and provide user networking


Virtual booths designed to maximise interaction will make your exhibition pop


Separate into break-out groups, collaborate and come together as a whole


Live & on-demand viewing, interview channels, discussion groups & more


Bring people with common interests together & offer interaction tools 


Host your summit with single or multiple stages and interaction areas

Hybrid events

Restrictions, safety concerns, environmental awareness and time management all mean people are travelling less. If you want to keep attracting a wide audience to your event you’ll need to switch online or, even better, to hybrid.

Offering attendees the chance to join your event remotely, without compromising on their quality of experience, will stand you apart from the competition.

A great hybrid event creates interaction between in-person and remote attendees. There are no 2nd class citizens in the world of hybrid events… just a global, interconnected community.

Are you ready to offer a truly outstanding event in a world of changed attitudes and expectations?

Ready to give it a try?

Get in touch and we’ll take you on a demo tour of Rokkit, and you can run a free trial event to test drive everything.