About Us

Rokkit was born late in 2020.

With a little more spare time on their hands than normal, our founders decided to create a platform that would let them to run their annual conference events in hybrid format.

Having assessed existing hybrid and online events platforms for their needs, their research left them feeling that something was missing. Like a small ingredient had been left out which made the entire dish suffer.

So they set to work from a unique angle. They would create the very best hybrid events platform that could be used by any of the 18 annual events they already organised or helped to make happen.

Our team is uniquely positioned to build events software that cuts to the core of what event organisers and attendees need. 

Between us we have over 30 years experience of running some of the highest profile conferences for software developers on the planet. Each of these events was borne out of a software development community, run by technologists themselves. We create software AND we create events.

Being technologists, organisers and enthusiastic attendees, we have uncommon insights into the features and functionality that makes events software truly remarkable.