What is Rokkit.live?

Rokkit.live is an event platform which makes it easy to attend or host online or hybrid conferences. It has been created in-house by the Voxxed team so that Voxxed Days, Devoxx and technical communities can easily connect and share up-to-date knowledge, experiences and expertise.

How do I join an event?

Register an account on Rokkit.live, login and choose an event to attend.

What can I do once I’ve joined an event on Rokkit.live?

You can view live and on demand sessions, interact with other attendees via chat, post questions to speakers, respond to polls and surveys, and interact with event sponsors.

Do I need to install software to attend an event?

Rokkit.live is browser based, so as long as you have an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari you should be good to go.

How do I ask questions to speakers at an event?

Click on the Q&A tab in the right hand window, or for an expanded view, hit the Q&A option in the menu.

Can I amplify a question asked by someone else?

Sure. Next to the question, hit the upvote icon to show your support. The most popular questions are promoted to the top of the list and will be prioritised.

Can I talk to other participants at an event?

The chat function allows you to post public comments and interact with other attendees. If you want to have a private conversation with other attendee(s) then simply …….xxxx….. add text here….

Can I share my contact info with other event participants?

Not at the moment, but this function may be provided in the future.

What is my profile information and how do you use it?

Your profile includes your personal contact information, and any preference information such as areas of interest which you choose to provide us. We may use this to recommend events or content on Rokkit.live which we feel may be of interest to you. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Participation for more information. (will require links to both items)

How do I update my profile?

You can access your profile info by clicking on the person icon next to the logout button.

Can I interact with sponsors during an event?

Yes. Events with sponsors present give you an opportunity to learn more about the sponsor, view demos, chat, request 1on1 meetings and download resources provided by them.

What information do sponsors get about me?

We will share with event sponsors anonymised analytics information about visitors to their section of Rokkit.live. If you wish to interact directly with a sponsor by downloading or viewing a resource the sponsor has provided, request a 1on1 meeting etc, you will be asked if you are happy for us to share your contact information with that sponsor.

What are sessions within an event?

Sessions are speaker-led presentations about a specific topic. Sessions running during an event will be listed in the right hand section of the Rokkit.live platform along with timings.

Can I view sessions after a live event has finished?

Yes. We will make recordings of sessions available to view directly from the Rokkit.live homepage as soon as possible after the conclusion of a live event.

Can I interact with sponsors after a live event is finished?

Yes, you can still request a one-on-one meeting after an event has taken place. The sponsor will get notified and should get back to you.

Can I view Rokkit.live on my mobile?

The viewing experience on a mobile device is currently cumbersome and we do not recommend it.

Why am I getting an error message (500 / 404 etc) ?

Try refreshing your browser, and also make sure that you have updated to the latest version of your chosen browser to ensure the best possible experience.

I’m having trouble creating an account. What should I do?

Please email us and include information about the problem you are having.

I have forgotten my username / password. How do I resolve this?

Go to the Login option and select ‘Forgotten Password’.

I cannot see or hear anything - how do I fix this?

Please refresh your browser. Also check that your are running the latest version of your chosen browser. If you are still having problems, please email us at [insert troubleshooting email address here]

Who runs events on Rokkit.live?

Currently events are being organised by the core Rokkit.live team. In the future other organisers may begin to run their own events on the platform.


How does Rokkit.live work for speakers?

If you have been invited to speak at an event hosted on the platform, your event host will walk you through a tutorial. You’ll be invited to a backstage area where you will need to allow sharing of Audio and Video functions on your machine. Your event host will allow you to broadcast when the time is right for you to go live on stage.

Do I need specific software to speak at a Rokkit.live event?

Rokkit.live is browser based, therefore you do not need to download a native app. Aside from that, speakers will need a webcam option so that they can present and their chosen presentation delivery software.

Can attendees ask me questions about my session?

Yes. Rokkit.live has a Q&A function that allows attendees to ask a question specific to your session, or upvote questions already posted by other attendees. Questions asked will be listed in popularity order, making it easy for you to prioritise questions to answer at the end of your session. If you run out of time and want to follow-up with further answers, we can provide you a download of questions asked during your session.

Can I play a pre-recorded session?

Yes. If you want to pre-record your session you can play this. If you choose to do so, we ask that you provide us the pre-recorded session at least xxx hours prior to the event start time. You should also attend the session as it is played so that you can respond to questions asked by attendees.


Can I run an event on Rokkit.live?

Yes. Please email us for more details.

Can I run a free trial event on Rokkit.live?

Yes. You can create an organiser account, and will be able to run up to xx test events. Test events are limited 5 attendee registrations so that you can try out the platform. If you like what you find, you can talk to us about plans that would allow you to run events for a larger audience.

How many attendees can an event on Rokkit.live have?