Rokkit is an all-in-one platform for event organisers.

In addition to the core hybrid event platform, our features suite can provide a single space to run every element of your event, from start to finish.  


We believe in keeping things simple for organisers. That’s why we have multiple options for how you manage ticketing and sales for an event hosted on Rokkit. 

Our baked-in ticketing service allows you to sell directly from your own websites and through your Rokkit event page. Sales are converted into the correct registration type and notifications automatically sent out to ticket holders.  Connect our ticketing service to Stripe or Paypal to easily collect payments via credit or debit card. Or if you want to allow payments via bank transfer, you can easily manage the release of tickets once payment is received. Invoice generation, email notifications and reports are all customisable.

We get that not everybody wants to use a new ticketing service, so if you’re really fond of your existing solution, simply import users into Rokkit and automatically generate tickets for access to your event on the platform. 

Call for Papers

If you are running an event that allows talk submissions from potential speakers, you need a top-rate Call for Papers tool to manage the process.

Rokkit’s built-in CFP tool is a feature rich environment.

  • Easily manage abstract submissions
  • Set-up review teams
  • Determine your own scale for rating submissions
  • Internal review team messaging down to submission level
  • Messaging between organisers and submitters / speakers
  • Mark submissions to accept, decline or investigate further
  • Bulk session accept / decline function
  • Optional community review and ratings tool (separate from your core review team)
  • Linked Smart Schedules feature to efficiently create and manage your event schedules

Smart Schedules

You’ve run your call for papers, been through the review process and chosen the fantastic speakers and sessions that will appear at your event.

Now for the arduous task of creating a schedule for your event. How to get the flow of content right, avoid topic clashes, house the most popular talks in the largest capacity rooms and plan around speaker availability at your event can be the stuff nightmares are made of.

Our AI driven Smart Scheduling solution auto-generates schedules based on the rules you provide.  Weightings and rules are pre-defined by the organiser in the CFP tool and this creates a framework for how your schedule will be generated.

A speaker can only attend during a specific time window?

You want to make expert focused sessions appear toward the end of your event? 

You need to schedule sessions to rooms based on pre-event favouriting versus room capacities?

All of these can be defined in the tool as rules and the AI will do the rest. And if you’re not totally happy with the generated schedule, press restart and get an entirely new option, all still based on the same rules you’ve applied. Once you’ve got a schedule you like, you can make manual tweaks too with a simple drag and drop tool to move things around.

Smart Scheduling can save you days of effort.


Mobile App

The Rokkit mobile app houses all the information and interactivity your attendees will need on their handheld.  

  • Full schedule display
  • Session viewing
  • Interactive chat
  • Session Q&A
  • Polls
  • Session Ratings
  • Links to session abstracts and speaker bios